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For now it's just me, a single person, Hi my name is Vince but you can call me by my nickname, "Vinny". Other nicknames include 'Conan the Librarian' and 'Big Vince'. But "Vinny" is fine.

I have managed networks from 100-1,000 users where my titles have been network administrator, systems administrator, network engineer, and systems engineer. I've been a top geek for a Internet and cable provider, a govt facility, a chemical company, a large trucking company as well as a few other businesses along the way.

That's not where I began my career though. I started out years ago by dumpster diving broken computer parts. It's what the poor do. From it I managed to build 14 servers in my basement, learned how it all worked, and passed my Microsoft and Cisco exams. Always building on what I had learned and continuing to refine and improve my ideal of what IT means.

From it all I realized creating a network is an art. No less than expressing passion in anything is an art, like building a great engine or designing a house to your perfection. And all art is, it's just the soul trying to express itself.

So that's me, and my passion is in Information Technology. Let's hear about yours.


What we want to do is bring Enterprise class IT support to small and medium businesses at an affordable price.


The way we accomplish this is via Opensource solutions and previously owned hardware. Putting cost effective solutions where applicable.


My vision is for a small lighweight teams, a bunch of them. Like the leaves on a tree.


Let's think outside the box for a second about your infrastructure. What if we could put your phone system, router, VPN, file storage, etc onto one small device and there were no licensing costs.

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